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1. What were the best experiences you had this year?

2. When were you the most happy?

3. What people, situations or events caused you to feel sad or depressed?

4. What were the most important things you made happen this year?

5. Did any activities lead to new relationships, partnerships or opportunities?

6. What activities did you spend the most time on?

7. How can you measure if the time spent was worthwhile?

8. What positive changes did you make in 2016?

9. What habits didn’t serve you well in 2016?

10. What did you do to support your emotional well-being?

11. What made you feel the most alive this year?

12. What did you do this year that you regret?

13. What made you cry the hardest this year?

14. What made you laugh the hardest?

15. Which people have been there for you the most in 2016?

16. What are you most grateful for as this year draws to a close?

17. Compared to this time last year, are you happier or sadder?

18. Who were the people who positively impacted your mental health?

19. Was it hard or easy to establish boundaries around mean or negative people?

20. What did you do to take care of yourself this year?

21. Where was the best place you traveled to this year?

22. What did you do for the first time in 2016?

23. What did you do for the last time in 2016?

24. What did you accomplish this year that you’re proud of?

25. Who did you need to forgive this year?

26. What were you most afraid of this year?

27. Who did you miss the most over the past year?

28. What was the most valuable thing you spent money on this year?

29. What did you waste too much money on this year?

30. What do you wish you’d spent more time doing this year?

31. What do you wish you’d spent less time doing?

32. What were your most bothersome feelings in 2016?

33. What thoughts would you like to let go of for the next year?

34. What are healthier thoughts you want for 2017?

35. What made you the angriest in 2016?

36. When did you feel the most at peace this year?

37. What is the biggest risk you took in 2016?

38. How many days on average per week did you intentionally think about your mental health?

39. How many days on average per week did you avoid people or duties?

40. Who in your life did you look up to the most this year?

41. Did you fall in love this year?

42. Did your heart break this year?

43. Who did you rely on the most in 2016?

44. Who might you owe an apology to at the end of this year?

45. How did you grow as a person over the past year?

46. What made you feel the most stuck this year?

47. How did you unintentionally make yourself more anxious this year?

48. What strategies did you use to calm yourself down?

49. What made you feel the most inspired this year?

50. If you could go back and give yourself a single piece of advice on the first day of 2016, what would it be?

51. What’s the most important thing you learned about your mental health this year?

52. What do you hope will be different for you by this time next year?

*adapted from this article via thought catalog



Happy New Year!

Thanks for being here with me in 2016.

Yours in solid mental health practices,

—Linda Esposito

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