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In recent years, the science of happiness has expanded globally. Partly as a result, of research, and also because I’m a psychotherapist, I named my blog, Wired for Happy. The intent is to convey that happiness is largely achieved by practicing healthy habits daily.

And you can rewire your mood template by paying close attention to your thoughts, which lead to your feelings, which subsequently inform your behaviors.

The old adage is right: Change your thinking. Change your life.

And if this sounds overly-simplistic or unclear, I remind you that the membership portion of this blog, Team Happy is dedicated to improving self-awareness, positive emotions and healthier relationships. This program is fully digital, and accessible online 24-7. Also, members have access to email support anytime. If interested in learning more, click on the link at the conclusion of this audio recording.

Here are 9 happiness-promoting habits, according to research (mp3 audio recording):



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9 Things Happier People Have in Common

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