Author: Linda Esposito

Boundaries: Beginning to Draw The Line for Healthy Relationships

When you feel unhappy, angry or anxious, there’s two behavioral options. One involves introspection (why do I continue feeling this way and what changes do I need to make?), the other invites escape (how do I stop these feelings NOW!? Think overeating, drugs, or sex with the wrong person). Knowing which road you should take […]

Feeling Anxious? Get On The Right Side of Calm With 6 Steps

  Whether your central nervous system is hijacked due to holiday stress, insomnia, a life transition (or all the above 😂 ), the key to calming down lies in a relaxation routine.   Most knee-jerk, automatic, impulsive reactions while in the throes of an anxiety attack are the result of your brain’s amygdala, propelling you […]

When Life Doesn’t Make Sense, Remember This…

  “The world is an inherently safe place, where most people possess good-will…” …Which may seem like one helluva pithy platitude on the tragic heels of the latest cold-blooded, senseless massacre. However, this psychological tenet just may save your sanity. Whether I learned this in graduate school or from my clinical mentor — that is […]

Two Powerful Words That Make or Break Relationships

Do you ever feel betrayed by your partner after yet another heated argument, in spite of the fact that you both agreed not to (insert the below-the-belt behavior that fits) criticize, bring up the past, discuss ex’s, yell, scream, accuse, threaten to leave, etc? If so, you are not alone. But, if this pattern doesn’t […]

How to Think Like A Shrink (Even If You Don’t Like Therapy)

  …or therapists, for that matter 😉 . So it’s Sunday morning and I’m trying to think of a compelling psychological topic for the blog and I’m coming up empty: “Three Reasons Your Childhood Matters In Adulthood,” “Why Suicidality Is A Family Problem Which Requires A Family Solution,” “Anxious Adults Raise Anxious Children.” And then […]

Jump Start Your Wellness Journey: 7 Wonderful Mental Health Resources

  Over the past few months, this blog has gained thousands of new readers, and I couldn’t be more thankful or grateful. After all, “There is no health without mental health.” In an effort to offer a more streamlined emotional wellness experience to new and veteran readers, I’ve highlighted some of Wired for Happy’s most […]

Stop, Breathe, Think: A Meditation for Anxiety (Mp3)

  “The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful. If our mind is peaceful, we will be free from worries and mental discomfort, and so we will experience true happiness. But if our mind is not peaceful, we will find it very difficult to be happy, even if we are living […]

The Not To-Do List for Anxious People

  Raise your hand if you grew up hearing, “Stop being anxious!” I’m guessing a fair amount of you. And thanks for being honest, because next to, “Your life would be sooooo much better if you’d just quit worrying,” and “No, for the last time, you can’t wear black to church,” I don’t know what […]

How to Rewire Your Brain for Health and Happiness

  When was the last time you got caught up in a frenzy of motivation and promised yourself that this time, yes—no holds barred, you were going to break free from anxiety or depression, or lose weight, or benchpress 250, or find healthy relationships, or get your dream job, or see a shrink? Most of […]

Why Perfectionism Is Not Your Problem

    If you’re an anxious person, or if you spend time with a worrier, chances are your plans get derailed…a lot. The weekend getaway at the beach that turned into four hours, or the date night that became disaster night because ‘what did you really mean by that…?’ had to be examined from every […]

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