Author: Linda Esposito

3 Ass-Kicking Explanations for Why You’re Still Settling

In my life, I’ve settled many times. I’ve settled to keep the peace, and I’ve settled for peace of mind. The time I finally said fuck it to settling has made all the difference.   Half-assing my way through Community Organizations class at the end of grad school because I had the foundation to do […]

The Two Most Important Words Ever

How bad do you want happiness?   If you had to rate your efforts for 2014 from 1-10, what’s your number? I honestly think most people reading this think they’re doing the happy hustle, when in reality, they fall way short. There’s many variables for sure, but in the end, happiness (defined here as having […]

Why the Minimalists Shall Inherit the Earth

I used to be a mental hoarder. Every third negative thought, bad memory, and personal slight was filed in the memory bank collecting interest.   I held on tight for two reasons: 1. Occupying mental real estate with negative content meant I wasn’t “cheating happiness.” Translation: Around-the-clock pre-emptive worrying meant life might spare me a […]

Money Won’t Buy You Mental Health (But This Will)

The reason the rich sleep soundly at night, rather than toss and turn at 3:00 a.m. fretting over college tuition, is because they’ve done the financial work.   When you walk the walk, you talk the talk. And talk ain’t cheap.   According to a survey conducted by Wells Fargo, 44 percent of Americans feel […]

The Only Tip You Need This Holiday Season

Do you ever wonder why there’s so many articles on holiday tips?   There’s advice for over-imbibing, over-spending, over-reacting, over-dressing, and over-stepping this, that and every other boundary known to man. The reality is you need just one tip for avoiding holiday stress. That’s right. Whether you dread sister-in-law Sue’s reaction to her Christmas gift, […]

Dealing With Difficult Family Relationships + Wired for Happy’s Birth

  I kept typing bitch, instead of birth…   If you’ve never given birth, I assure you, it sucks. Because my unborn son was eight days late, I had the pleasure of experiencing birth twice — “naturally” for the first 36 hours, and via Emergency C-section because he was running his own program, and his […]

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