best anxiety articles for wiredforhappy.comI love anxious people. All frazzled nerves, stressed out thoughts and sleepless nights. I know, it’s not a healthy love, but a relationship I know inside and out.


Like an old married couple, we’ve grown comfortable with one another’s nervous habits and predictable patterns. Best of all, we’ve got each other’s back.


And I’ve got yours.

In the spirit of ending the year on a positive psychological note, here are 10 articles to help calm your anxious mind, and one that definitely will not, but should get you thinking, nonetheless. And that’s the crux of mental health—understanding why you see the world the way you do, why you react and do the things you do, and ultimately, why you think the way you do.

Before launching into the literary masterpieces, know that many articles were published on my blog, From Anxiety to Zen (they open in another browser if reading from a computer, or hit the < icon if reading from a mobile device).

(almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About Anxiety, But Were Too Stressed to Figure Out


Stop, Breathe, Think: A Meditation for Anxiety


Six Steps to De-Activate Your Body’s Alarm System


Feeling Anxious? Get On The Right Side of Calm


Frazzled: High Anxiety and Low Frustration Tolerance


Three Essential Exercises to Calm Anxiety


Three Habits Calm People Never Practice


The One Where People Finally Stopped Asking, “Hey, Linda, Can You Hook Me Up With…”


The HeadShrinker’s Guide to Writing for HuffPost and Psychology Today



The One Nobody Read, And That’s a Big Ass Problem

Actually, not entirely true. My editor on Psychology Today promoted it to the Essential Reads category the day it was published. So yeah, I was grateful, but still, people don’t care. Or care enough.


Who’s To Blame When A Child Dies in High-Conflict Divorce?



The One on Hope


How Hope Helps You Heal



The Two on Relationships and Co-parenting


Forget Co-Parenting With A Narcissist, Round 2


Two Words That Make or Break Relationships



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Yours in a mentally well 2018, and beyond,

—Linda Esposito