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3 Ass-Kicking Explanations for Why You’re Still Settling

In my life, I’ve settled many times. I’ve settled to keep the peace, and I’ve settled for peace of mind. The time I finally said ‘fuck it’ to settling has made all the difference.   Half-assing my way through Community Organizations class at the end of grad school because I had the foundation to do […]

The Two Most Important Words Ever

How bad do you want happiness?   If you had to rate your efforts for the past twelve months from 1-10, what’s your number? I honestly think most people reading this think they’re doing the happy hustle, when in reality, they fall way short. There’s many variables for sure, but in the end, happiness (defined […]

Why the Minimalists Shall Inherit the Earth

I used to be a mental hoarder. Every third negative thought, bad memory, and personal slight was filed in the memory bank collecting interest.   I held on tight for two reasons: 1. Occupying mental real estate with negative content meant I wasn’t “cheating happiness.” Translation: Around-the-clock pre-emptive worrying meant life might spare me a […]

Money Won’t Buy You Mental Health (But This Will)

The reason the rich sleep soundly at night, rather than toss and turn at 3:00 a.m. fretting over college tuition, is because they’ve done the financial work.   When you walk the walk, you talk the talk. And talk ain’t cheap.   According to a survey conducted by Wells Fargo, 44 percent of Americans feel […]

The Only Tip You Need This Holiday Season

Do you ever wonder why there’s so many articles on holiday tips?   There’s advice for over-imbibing, over-spending, over-reacting, over-dressing, and over-stepping this, that and every other boundary known to man. The reality is you need just one tip for avoiding holiday stress. That’s right. Whether you dread sister-in-law Sue’s reaction to her Christmas gift, […]

Dealing With Difficult Family Relationships + Wired for Happy’s Birth

  I kept typing bitch, instead of birth…   If you’ve never given birth, I assure you, it sucks. Because my unborn son was eight days late, I had the pleasure of experiencing birth twice — “naturally” for the first 36 hours, and via Emergency C-section because he was running his own program, and his […]

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