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Healthy boundaries are the key to emotional well-being. After all, you teach people how to treat you.

Check out this short video below from the Calming Your Anxious Mind module via Team Happy, for a recap of the essentials steps to adopting a peaceful mindset, where you manage your anxiety, and not the other way around.


How to Set Healthy Boundaries (video)

For access to the entire video, click here to join Team Happy. And because I love tight, firm healthy boundaries like the Kardashian klan loves fillers and Botox, here are some random boundary busters to get you on the right side of healthy relationships:

•Drama is best left for the stage.

•Children have one shot at childhood.

•Nobody ever died from their feelings.

•The opposite of indecision is confidence.

•Sometimes fences make the best neighbors.

•Social skills and kindness are grossly underrated.

•No is the second most beautiful word in the world.

•When lost, remember you’re never far from home.

•Feeling sorry for people hijacks their ability to figure it out.

•“I’m not the cause, and I’m not the cure” is a great internal script when dealing with mean people.

•Embracing vulnerability is difficult but essential for emotional growth and deeper relationships.

•Believing in abundance over scarcity means there’s enough money, opportunities and experiences to go around.

•Six-figure salaries and professional accolades don’t hold a candle to the job of raising emotionally healthy children.

•You have a finite amount of emotional energy every day and unused minutes do not roll over.

•The simplest way to get a read on someone is to observe their behaviors.

•You create your reality through your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

•You will find sickness if you don’t discover the Healthy Foods aisle.

•“I don’t have time” is the cousin of “You’re not important.”

•A good attitude is the easiest way to avoid time on the couch.

•A narcissist cannot invade your space unless you open the door.


To view the entire boundary-building video + ALL the mental wellness goodies inside Team Happy, click here.

May you make your mental health a priority, and teach people how you want them to treat you, each and every day.

Yours in tight boundaries,