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Xanax Nation

Did you know there’s 46 million+ prescriptions written yearly for Xanax in the United States? If you think I’m exaggerating, google “How can I get Xanax?” and see what comes up. Self-Medication Nation or not, the point of this article is not to mock our penchant for sedation. Nor is it about separating “us” from […]

The Essential Guide to Ending Toxic Relationships

I shoulda been a cop. As much as I cherish being a therapist and sharing in the process of getting my brave clients past their darkest relationship days, the truth is my talents lie in sniffing out the bad guys. Believe me, it wasn’t always that way. I’ll tell you why at the end. And […]

The #1 Tip for Solving Problems Faster

When dealing with life’s inevitable problems, you must critically position yourself to achieve your goals. Follow this simple strategy to get what you want…   Must-have resources: 100 Smart Ways to Calm Your Anxious Mind Join Team Happy

100 Smart Ways to Calm Your Anxious Mind

You can read all the anxiety advice in the world, but none of it matters unless you take action. To set your mind up to master calm, confident and in control, you have to ruthlessly focus your efforts on things that work, and stop spending precious time on things that don’t. Today I’m going to […]

4 Morning Success Rituals to Start Your Day Off Right

  “As a cook, your station, and its condition, its state of readiness, is an extension of your nervous system. The universe is in order when your station is set. Mise-en-place (a French phrase meaning “putting in place”) is the religion of all good line cooks.” –Chef and best-selling author Anthony Bourdain   As a […]

Speed Up Your Thinking to Slow Down Your Life

  Poor anxiety! You just can’t catch a break, can you?   If it’s not one thing, it’s 27 others all coming at you like a freight train.   Think positive; practice mindfulness; don’t look behind you — you’re not going that way; stop being anxious!; do deep-breathing; take five breaths; count to 10; wait […]

22 Calming Quotes for People with Anxiety

    1. “P.S. You’re not going to die. Here’s the white-hot truth: if you go bankrupt, you’ll still be okay. If you lose the gig, the lover, the house, you’ll still be okay. If you sing off-key, get beat by the competition, have your heart shattered, get fired…it’s not going to kill you. Ask […]

22 Quick Tips You Can Do Today to Change Your Anxiety Forever

You can read all the anti-anxiety advice in the world, but none of this matters unless you take action. To feel more relaxed, to sleep soundly at night, and to put energy into what matters, you have to stop wasting time on tasks that don’t matter. By the end of this article, your life could […]

What to Do When Your Anxiety Just Won’t Quit

    “Every time I think my anxiety is gone for good, it comes back worse than before. Can you help me?”   From time to time I get email asking for advice on how to make anxiety go away. For some reason I’m reminded of a rude houseguest, or a family member that lingers […]

Decluttering: Why There is No Magic to Tidying Up

  I got an email recently asking for advice about boundaries. The recipient related how he was feeling depressed and fighting regret after “cleaning house.” The paradox was not lost on me. We’re often reluctant to let go. Yet being weighed down by possessions and people hinders our emotional well-being. Whether it’s a living room […]

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