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Making Your Anxiety Work for You

  I have a client-centered confession: I prefer working with anxious people. I know, it’s like saying, “I prefer my son over my daughters,” but I can’t help it. I’ve been a psychotherapist for over a decade and that’s long enough to know with whom I excel, in my clinical book. It’s not that anxiety […]

What’s Up With Millennials and Mental Health?

I adore millennials. By and large, they are my favorite demographic to work with in therapy. This fact makes me unpopular in certain circles. Sometimes the admission is met with inquisitive looks, or eye-rolling, or the occasional contemptuous comment. “Just what is it you find so endearing? Is it the entitlement, the gluten-free everything, or […]

Simple Life Lessons to Ease Your Anxious Mind

My second biggest fear as a parent just may come true. Or it may not. As a psychotherapist who counsels parents of angry, anxious and misguided teens, I sometimes worry that my own kid will get lost in the shuffle. When this happens I follow a few steps to check if my worries are based […]

Walking Meditation (Mp3)

“The true miracle is not walking on water or walking in air, but simply walking on this earth.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh Welcome to another relaxation resource. Today we will practice the walking meditation — a form of meditation in action. In walking meditation the experience of walking is the focus. We become mindful of […]

Relaxation Resource for Dealing with Difficult Family Events (Mp3)

Welcome to another relaxation resource to help you navigate the often stressful and treacherous waters that come with the holidays, weddings, family reunions, or just plain ‘ol Sunday dinner with Mom and Dad. Click the button below to jump start your calm, confidence and in control plan for your next, next of kin get-together. Most […]

Relaxation for Anxious Thoughts (Mp3)

  Welcome to another week of calm and relaxation at In order to ease anxious thoughts, obsessive concerns and compulsive behaviors, you must set aside time to practice feeling calm and in control. To help you on your peaceful journey, I’ve recorded a mediation that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Just click the […]

A Simple Breathing Meditation: Feel More Calm, Centered and Relaxed

Deep-breathing is one of the easiest ways to calm an anxious mind. Breathing is a tried-and-true stress reliever that you can do anytime, anywhere, to improve your body’s relaxation response. For instant stress reduction, click the button below and listen to the zen.    The Simple, Breathing Meditation (Mp3 audio) Namaste 🌿🌱      

6 Simple Calming Strategies That Keep Me Sane Every Day

Hello! Welcome to this week’s WiredforHappy resource. In this video I talk about my productivity and relaxation go-tos to ensure that no matter what, I start (and end) the week with a solid plan to accomplish my goals, and most importantly, to remain calm, confident and in control of how and where I spend my […]

Xanax Nation

Did you know there’s 46 million+ prescriptions written yearly for Xanax in the United States? If you think I’m exaggerating, google “How can I get Xanax?” and see what comes up. Self-Medication Nation or not, the point of this article is not to mock our penchant for sedation. Nor is it about separating “us” from […]

The Essential Guide to Ending Toxic Relationships

I shoulda been a cop. As much as I cherish being a therapist and sharing in the process of getting my brave clients past their darkest relationship days, the truth is my talents lie in sniffing out the bad guys. Believe me, it wasn’t always that way. I’ll tell you why at the end. And […]

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