Happiness:14 Lessons for Achieving Calm, Confidence and Contentment

A step-by-step guide to feeling better, and getting better.

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Why is happy so hard?

Because most people do happy in reverse.

There are two major mistakes when searching for happiness:

  • The first is not understanding that happiness is a skill.
  • The second is believing that if you just download this new app, buy that psychology best-seller, or start this new meditation practice that things will finally be different.


Being happy isn’t just about feeling good. It’s about working your emotional wellness game each and every day, and building wellness habits over time.


Lesson #1: Positive Psychology Practices

A springboard for building on the good things you’re already doing to increase positive emotions, healthy relationships and gratitude practices every day.

Lesson #2: Introduction to Meditation + Mindfulness

Resources galore that explain the 'why' behind the effectiveness of mindfulness-based practices and meditation as gateways to mental health.

Lesson #3: Overcoming Difficult Family Relationships

If Fly-off-the-handle-Harry or Passive-aggressive-Patty are your parents, have no fear. Psychotherapist Tracey Cleantis talks about why you may still revert back to 15 years old around certain family members. Overcome the family ties that (don’t have to) bind.

Lesson #4: Healthy, Thriving Relationships

Psychotherapist Alison Crosthwait graciously shares the secrets to successful couple-dom. Learn how to communicate your needs with fair, firm relationship boundaries.

Lesson 5: Choosing Healthy Thoughts

It's that inner critic who strikes when least expected—right when you step up to the podium for the PowerPoint, on the way to a job interview, or pulling the trigger on that creative idea. The good news is you can control your thoughts so they don’t control you.

Lesson 6: Spring Cleaning Your Mind (for any season)

One word: de-cluttering. Minimalism is all the rage, and for good reason. Learn about the connection to the stuff in your home and how this impacts the stuff in your mind.

Lesson 7: Choosing Self-Compassion

When life doesn't turn out as planned, it's easy to revert to self-loathing. Meditations and practical exercises provide clarity about letting go of who you thought you were supposed to be, while embracing your true self.

Lesson 8: Defining Emotional Intelligence

Studies show that Human Resources overwhelmingly hire job candidates who adopt a flexible mindset, and collaborate as a team player. Learn the 15 crucial characteristics of emotional health and say goodbye to butting heads with those around you.

Lesson 9: Resolving Inner-conflict

The key to well-being is how you handle stress. Identifying what keeps you stuck will get you on the right side of calm and in control.

Lesson 10: Embracing Simplicity

Three words: Slow, meaningful living.

Lesson 11: Money + Mental Health

Successful entrepreneur and Fizzle founder Corbett Barr candidly shares why 'money is not the point' when it comes to happiness.

Lesson 12: The Happy Hustle

The lovely Brooke McAlary of The Slow Home Podcast shares her tips on productivity, balancing career, kids and home, and finding beauty in life's small moments.

Lesson 13: Calming Your Anxious Mind

By far the most popular module within the Team Happy vault. Learn the ABCs of anxiety, from the fight-flight response, to recovering from panic attacks. Find yourself on the right side of calm with this resource-rich gem.

Lesson 14: Depression—The struggle is real. So is recovery.

A common misconception about depression is "it's all in your head." Get the support + structure to help you deal with chronic sadness. Help is just a click away.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the course library, which you can access 24-7

  • Fully digital program accessed from your computer or mobile devices.
  • 8+ hours of video interviews with experts in psychology, business and wellness.
  • 5 hours of Mp3 (audio) tutorials.
  • 14 meditations you can listen to on-the-go.
  • Downloadable and printable worksheets and exercises.
  • Free email support during the first 3 months of course.
  • Go at your own pace and choose where you want to start.

"The meditation and mindfulness lessons were my favorite. I've learned to slow down my racing thoughts with just a few minutes of deep-breathing and intentional focus on the present moments. My morning train commute is no longer devoted to mindless activities, but actively focused on being calm and relaxed."

Jenny L.
Jenny L.

"Switching careers and dealing with life in a new city caused major sleep issues. The meditations helped me trust in my abilities to deal with change. Linda's down to earth manner and humor definitely helped me keep my head in the game and not get lost in the rabbit hole of worry. The Happiness Lessons viewed great on my iPad."

Ben T.
Ben T.

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