Think Like a ShrinkLet’s be honest-are you afraid your clinical skills don’t measure up?


You’ve decided on a career as a psychotherapist. You’re a graduate student in a two-year counseling program, or a new therapist a few years out of the gates. People come to you because they have problems and you have the answers.

Or do you?

Your clinical skills can be a source of pride and confidence, or they can cost you precious mental energy and lead to the fast track of burnout. Regardless if your career plans include private practice, community-based agency work, or CPS, you need to THINK like a therapist.

And please don’t think you’re going to get everything you need from your graduate program (as wonderful as it may be, or was).

Because, it doesn’t work like that. Grad school programs exist to give you BASIC clinical knowledge and skills, and provide TRAINING in a field practicum.

But …. oh, yeah, There’s one problem:


Grad Schools Rarely Teach You How to THINK Like a Therapist                lightbulb


And sharp, incisive clinical skills takes years to develop, as it is. That’s why I’ve created How to Think Like a Shrink …

Because there’s practical ways to jump-start your ‘shrink think’, even if you’re brand new to the field.

Why wait to gain psychological insight until you’re licensed, or beyond? Who wants to struggle with:

“Where do I begin?”

“What do I assess for?”

“Where IS the client at?” (I totally sucked at that)


How to know if this product is for you


  • You’re a talented and compassionate person who doesn’t take hard work for granted
  • You’re ready jump-start your shrink-think mindset, and you’re open to thinking outside the box
  • You want your clinical training to be as user-friendly as possible


Did I mention you’ll have fun, too?


How to know if this is NOT right for you

  • You are looking for the magic bullet to transform into Freud’s apprentice
  • You have a hard time envisioning “clinical” and “sense of humor” together
  • You are offended by the prospect that most grad students/rookie therapists suck at psychotherapy

What you can expect:

A 59-page guide with 12 chapters which are easy to read, honest, and chock-full of incisive clinical knowledge including:

~If it’s Not One Thing, it’s Your Mother

~The Shocking Truth About Depression

~12 Habits of Highly Ineffective Therapists

~A Rookie Therapist Walks Into A Bar and Orders A Defense Mechanism on the Rocks…


Plus — 5 Mp3 recordings from experts at various stages of clinical practice:

The psychoanalytical therapist, trainer and mentor sheds light on the real goals of therapy (teaser: not what you’re expecting)

The biz-savvy clinician and straight-shooter weighs in on what it takes to open a private practice

The rookie who turned down a high-paying counseling job straight out of her MSW program

The “boss” who’s  trained and supervised dozens of clinicians

The “dude” therapist who talks frankly about men and therapy



A few cool things you’re about to learn

grad cap

  • Exactly how to start thinking like a therapist today
  • The one piece of advice that will change how you view people and their problems
  • How to simplify your psychological intakes when you feel overwhelmed
  • The common mistakes therapists make that sends clients packing
  • How to access creativity, innovation, and talent on the fly



OK — so what does it cost? coffee

$27.00. Yep. That’s an investment equivalent to 7 caffè mochas. That’s it! And the possibility of seeing the world in a whole, new light. Forever.


How much mental energy is your lack of clinical skills costing you?

Let’s face it – you have two options right now. You can continue with your psychological dilemma or you can do something about it.

So, is it time to put your clinical shame to bed for good and start anew?

To get immediate access to the downloadable PDF guide (59 pages) + 5 expert interviews, click the link below to start your clinical journey.

Linda EspositoThanks for letting me be part of your clinical success,

—Linda Esposito, LCSW