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Best Articles: 10 Articles That Can Improve Your Mental Health

  I love anxious people. All frazzled nerves, stressed out thoughts and sleepless nights. I know, it’s not a healthy love, but a relationship I know inside and out.   Like an old married couple, we’ve grown comfortable with one another’s nervous habits and predictable patterns. Best of all, we’ve got each other’s back.   […]

When Life Doesn’t Make Sense, Remember This…

  “The world is an inherently safe place, where most people possess good-will…” …Which may seem like one helluva pithy platitude on the tragic heels of the latest cold-blooded, senseless massacre. However, this psychological tenet just may save your sanity. Whether I learned this in graduate school or from my clinical mentor — that is […]

How to Think Like A Shrink (Even If You Don’t Like Therapy)

  …or therapists, for that matter 😉 . So it’s Sunday morning and I’m trying to think of a compelling psychological topic for the blog and I’m coming up empty: “Three Reasons Your Childhood Matters In Adulthood,” “Why Suicidality Is A Family Problem Which Requires A Family Solution,” “Anxious Adults Raise Anxious Children.” And then […]

“Help! My Anxiety Is Out of Control…”

  A 5-Step Process for Calming Your Anxious Mind (Mp3 recording)     *The “If you’re at work and forgot your ear buds” version 😉 : A common subject of email I receive is along the lines of, “Help! My anxiety is out of control. I don’t know what to do to stop worrying. Can […]

The Headshrinker’s Guide to Writing for HuffPost and Psychology Today

  “Do not let us despise the word. After all it is a powerful instrument; it is the means by which we convey our feelings to one another, our method of influencing other people. Words can do unspeakable good and cause terrible wounds.”—Sigmund Freud   A privilege and perk of being a psychotherapist is promoting […]

Wired for Happy’s Most Popular Posts

    A special note of gratitude to all of you who continue to make Wired for Happy an inspirational and insightful place to share mental health tips. We still have a long way to go toward ending the stigma of mental illness, but I assure you each time you practice healthy mental health habits, […]

52 Important Mental Health Questions To Ask Yourself As 2016 Draws To A Close

1. What were the best experiences you had this year? 2. When were you the most happy? 3. What people, situations or events caused you to feel sad or depressed? 4. What were the most important things you made happen this year? 5. Did any activities lead to new relationships, partnerships or opportunities? 6. What […]

The Worst Kind of Anxiety (and what to do about it)

Imagine you’re going about your day, a bit frazzled—because let’s face it, you’ve always been anxiety sensitive—when you suddenly fear that you’ll contaminate your family with an incurable disease if you touch them. Or you’re driving to work and out of the blue you have a panic attack on the freeway. You hastily pull to […]

Common Reasons We Go to Therapy

Learning to trust ourselves to solve our own problems is one of our greatest gifts to ourselves. And it’s the essence of therapy, really. Having a supportive, non-judgmental guide is great, and all, but during our darkest days we have to figure out life for ourselves. Because when it comes to mental health, we all […]

The Top 100 Mental Health Resources Online

Honoring mental health for all, I offer my voice to #StopSuicide. As a psychotherapist, I proudly wave my professional flag to support the cause. And the struggle is real… Besides treating anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, and anger management, et cetera, mental health clinicians provide adjunct resources to support the therapeutic relationship outside the 50-minute […]

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