What does Wired for Happy mean?

Simply that we can choose our moods. We all have two choices daily: Practice peace or practice stress. Regardless of how you were raised, or what your experiences with happiness and well-being have been up to this point, it’s about rewiring those synapses that say “I can’t.” Rewiring your brain means thinking differently, cultivating more positive emotions, kindness, and healthier relationships on the daily.


Why would I pay for a product if I can get free mental health advice online?

Great question! All the articles and various resources are free, but…if “free” was so great, why do you keep searching for answers? The paid products are designed for those intrepid souls who are motivated to improve personal development in a systematic, non-boring way. Blogging about mental health since 2010 means I’ve met many wonderful people with typical struggles—setting boundaries, having healthy relationships, wanting more confidence, more positive emotions + quality sleep. Speaking of,

Team Happy

The 30-Day Wellness Bootcamp

The Happiness Course

are in-depth resources I’ve cultivated and digitized from my decade+ experience as a psychotherapist to help bring emotional wellness and peace of mind to all. My motto: Mental health is everything in life.


If I purchase a product from Wired for Happy, can I talk with you?

Absolutely! I offer email support to all customers. Hit me up here: linda@wiredforhappy.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, or less.


Can I link to a Wired for Happy article from my site?

Yes! And thank you for spreading the good mental wellness word via proper attribution.

Email address: linda@wiredforhappy.com